Listener Stories, November 7

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Introducing Next Question with Katie Couric

Katie Couric has questions. And on her new show, Next Question with Katie Couric, she’s determined to find answers—with a little help from the most captivating personalities in news, politics, and pop culture. Join the award-winning journalist as she explores the people, movements, and issues changing our lives and redefining our world.

Flying and Crashing

Kiese grew up in Oxford, Mississippi —the only child of a single mother, a black boy who struggled with weight. His childhood and adolescence were marked by two daily assaults: that of American racism, and America’s obsession with weight. 

The Confidante

Imagine a privileged New England family living by the sea, with a glamorous, wild mother who has a long affair with her husband’s best friend, and makes her daughter — Adrienne — her ally. 

The Fifth Passenger

Growing up in suburban New York, Joanna was always aware of two pastel portraits of children she assumed were just part of her parents’ art collection. But sometimes she would hear her mother on the phone, crying, and referencing “the accident.” 

Russian Dolls

At some point in our childhood we all met the moment where we had to summon the courage and strength to stand up to the difficulties of the world. But imagine being 8 years old and finding yourself in the car with your mother in the middle of the night as she hands you a map and speeds away into the unknown.

A World Erased

Growing up Noah knew his grandparents had survived the Holocaust, but his questions had always been sidelined. 

The Phone Call

Frank's father was a “proud Willie Loman” character who sold stuff — cars, printing presses, whatever needed selling. He was a glad-handing guy, “the mayor of everything.” And he was living a double life. 

Mama and Her Numbers

Bridgett grew up in Detroit in the '60s in a vibrant house with a mother who was genius with numbers. But for most of her life, Bridgett kept her mother's genius a secret.