On The Road

Dani Shapiro shares her experience of being out on the road on her book tour, hearing from readers and listeners about their family secrets.

Bonus Episode: Inheritance

On this bonus episode, Dani shares an excerpt from her New York Times best-selling novel ‘Inheritance.’

Bonus Episode: Jennifer Mendelsohn on Genealogy and Secrets

This bonus episode features an edited conversation between Dani Shapiro and journalist and genealogy expert, Jennifer Mendelsohn, at Politics & Prose Bookstore in Washington, D.C.

Don't Duck

Sylvia Boorstein grew up in a loving, close-knit family. But in the background lingered a grief-filled secret. As an adult she allowed herself to explore the secret, and one day, on a hunch, visited the cemetery where her mother was buried.

The Secret Son

While walking her dogs one evening Laura Engel received a life-changing email that transported her back to a home for unwed mothers in New Orleans.

Band of Men

Tim Ehrlich's secret nearly killed him. But he and a group of other men with the same secret found the courage to come forward and reveal it, and in doing so heal a lifetime of pain. (Warning this episode contains explicit information about sexual abuse). 

Zygote Baby

Jane Mintz's parents were forthright about her being adopted, but not about her birth mother's identity. As an adult, Jane found her biological mother and discovered many more secrets, the cost of keeping them, and why we all deserve to know where we come from. 

Little White Lie

What if, as a child born into a white Jewish family, anytime someone remarked about your skin color, a story was told about a distant Sicilian grandfather? Even if it was obvious that wasn't the whole story? Lacey Schwartz talks about what it's like to live in an alternate universe of knowing-not knowing your own secret. 

A Joyful Heart

Debbie Millman's story is one of extraordinary resilience in the face of trauma and the redemptive power of love and strength found in the unlikeliest of places. (Warning: this episode contains explicit information about sexual abuse.)

Open Secret

As a child, Steve Lickteig was told that he was adopted. But that didn't turn out to be entirely true, or even half of the story.